From Anarchy to Solidarity in a Time of Change

Our country is in transition as we shift into new leadership, and ultimately a new world. For some this is a time of renewed hope after almost a decade of feeling neglected and oppressed. For others it’s a time of deep fear, anger, frustration and disappointment.

I currently live in what could be considered a progressive political climate. I’m surrounded by retired hippies, baby boomers, environmental advocates and a slew of people who seek refuge in the beauty of the woods as they age.

Many people refer to West Marin, California as a “bubble”, which simply means there is a strong presumption that the rest of the world holds the same values, hopes and dreams for the country’s future as this small microcosm.

There’s a mixture of deep depression and disillusionment here. The waves of shock have run deep into the hearts and minds of many, and the response to this awakening has varied.

Some are stuck in the grief and clinging to the beliefs they hold true, while others have felt the electric current and embraced it as a serious wake up call catapulting them into a place of action.

Regardless of the lens through which you see this historic time in our history, the most important variable for all of us is change.

No matter how terrifying, uncertain or unpredictable it feels, change is the root of all life. Without it we are stagnant, stuck and ultimately dead.

It’s normal to resist change. We see this in the most basic form with aging in our culture, and the need to halt the progression of time reflected in our wrinkles and greying hair.

Change in its most complex form is often sudden, unexpected and unanticipated. This is the kind of change many of us are dealing with now.

Our world as we know it has been cracked open exposing the wound that has been festering for close to a decade or longer. The country is hurting, and pain can only be tolerated for so long.

Some have given up and succumbed to a life well below what is deserved, and others have cried out after finally reaching the threshold of what they are willing to put up with.

This is the revolution I’ve been waiting for. I felt it brewing years ago, and I’ve watched as the soldiers fighting a silent battle have continued to march on in the face of denial, dismemberment, and marginalization.

Millions of people have been igniting the flame we are now seeing, and the heat under the pot of issues that has been slowly simmering is now on high.

This is a time to not just look, but to see the world as it is. To see both the beauty and the pain, not just what feels comfortable or suits our own ideals.

We have moved from complacency to anarchy, and now it’s time for solidarity.

This is an opportunity to re-evaluate what you stand for, what you believe in, what you can offer, and how you’ll contribute.

Your destiny is my destiny along with every other living species on this planet so I urge you to direct the outcome of our world wherever you can. Don’t sit and wait for others to determine our future - that’s how we got where we are now.

Over the holiday give thanks for the opportunity you’ve been given to be part of the greatest change our country has seen in decades.

Make a choice to be part of that change, and not just a victim of its consequences.

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