This is New York City's Rawest and Most Talented Open Mic [VIDEO]

New York City is known as America's cultural hub. The next big thing in music, art, dance, and literature often stems from the East Coast metropolis. Singers, musicians, writers, and creatives from all over the country flood the streets in hopes of making it big, breaking into the big time, and showcasing their talents.

But there are only so many spots on Broadway. Only so many music venues and time slots to show off your talent -- whether it's writing poppy love songs or beat-boxing dub-step. But for those looking to harness and hone their onstage talent and flex their creative muscle -- or are just looking for the next big talent in town -- open mics provide a great stage to achieve that goal. And no other place in the expanse of NYC is there a better stage than at Lower East Side's Open Mic Mondays at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Founded in 2011 by singer/songwriter, Nisha Asnani, Open Mic Monday (nicknamed "Fearless" by its creator) is an all art-form forum for emerging performance artists. An exercise in bravery and transformation, the event serves as a litmus test for artists looking to push their boundaries in front of a present and supportive audience.

Asnani, a brilliant singer/songwriter herself, stresses support and encouragement for all who take the stage, asking they only be fearless in their performance. The result is an incredible mix of raw, beautiful talent -- from singers and poets alike -- and an audience that is at rapt attention, hanging on to the performances and offering their support.

HumanityTV's companion organization, Xeno Productions, stopped by Nuyorican Cafe to capture the excitement, talent, and buzz around Open Mic Mondays. Check out the video below and head to the Lower East Side every Monday night to experience the performance. But if you want to perform, show up early -- spots fill up quick.

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