From Emptiness to a Growing Business: How this Budding Woman Capitalized on Unhappiness.

It is common for me to come across women in my coaching practise who want to experience more from life. There is usually an emptiness that pervades the space of these individuals who have taken the first steps to open up a new realm. This is an emptiness that is calling out for purpose, peace and happiness.

For me, it is remarkable when I meet a lady who has not only taken the first steps to notice her dreams, but has put her ideas into creation to create a brand that is an extension of herself.

As a business woman (with multiple streams of business; both skin care and coaching for entrepreneurs and career women alike), for me, there are two very important non-negotiables in life; being able to experience the purity of foods and self-care products and being able to surround myself with individuals who strive for personal inner love and outer success.

So I was extremely happy to happen upon Luna Afriyie through an unusual and chance encounter. This budding entrepreneur and business women is delightfully jovial, reflective and an advocate of striving for your dreams.

Her story shows us that not everything in life starts out with flowers and bees but is a reminder that by putting one foot first the world can become your oyster. I hope you enjoy this quirky and insightful interview.


You are the sassy next best thing in healthcare. Tell me more about yourself!

To be honest I am quite an introverted person; although many people wouldn't necessarily perceive me to be this way! I actually didn't feel like I fitted in at school, in my teens and in my twenties. It took me a while to truly come into myself! Now I would describe myself as someone who can be extremely chatty; but at the drop of a hat I can be quite quiet. I like to reflect and re-charge and I love to find space to find myself. I feel that this is really important in life! One of the most important lessons in life is that people won't always understand you; and that is fine.

Overall I like to be helpful and caring (and I like to reflect this in my brand too)!

Yes, so let's get started on that! How did your brand came about!

Yes! Well in 2013 I pretty much felt like I was 'winging' it. I was not happy although I projected an individual who was confident and enjoying life. I was engaged and in a relationship which was not fruitful for the core of my inner being and, to be honest, I was like a little rebel without a cause. I would party just for the sake of it.

My lowest was in 2013 and 2014 when I realized that I deeply yearned for a sense of fulfillment.

That must have felt challenging. How did you overcome that?

I literally packed my bags and moved out of inner city London, away from the noise, and to a more rural town in the country. To be quite frank it felt quite weird at first. But it did give me the sanctuary to come to myself. I initially felt lonely; there was no more buzz of London!

That very same year, before I had moved, I happened on the Secret (a book I'd recommend) and then following my move to the countryside 'Magic' by Rhonda Bryne also provided me for much needed food for my soul.

Is this where Ecocare was birthed?

Yes. I wanted to work on my whole self. I suddenly started paying attention to the food that I was eating, the thoughts I was allowing into my mind and the products that I was putting my skin through. I realized that to develop I needed to find a deeper sense of self and that took cleansing and nourishing on a range of different levels; body, mind and soul. I always recommend that people get advice on this journey; someone who can be a fresh pair of ears and eyes. I was lucky enough to be able to be mentored by Khemmy Flowers Bey, from Heal Thy Self 360, who is a holistic mentor. I found her randomly via her posts on Twitter; but to be honest I believe that every encounter happens for a reason to take us to the next step. If you are open to it that is.

So was Esocare an extension of your new findings?

I undertook a number of cleansings that totally changed my eating habits. Excited by this internal revolution and change I hopped onto an intense Herbalism course that changed my life.

Change is never just one sided and I was also undertaking NLP classes, which began with Cosens Consultancy, that aided me to transform my insight. It was pretty much like a brain awakening. I knew that I had to do something more with this new knowledge.

My life began to catapult forward. My brand extends from the word Esoteric - which means 'on route to.' So my brand represents the following notion; on-route-to a higher sense of self-care. I began to create detox packages for individuals, such as, my Detox Cleanse Package that aids individuals to detox whilst also utilising a dedicated food plan to successfully transform their eating habits.

I then took a much needed trip to Ghana and was amazed by a new wonderful world of healing in skincare. Soon Shea butter and Black soap appeared in my online store. It was a natural reflection of my journey.


Amazing! And I hear that what started out as a journey has now become worldwide?

It has truly been exciting. It has felt strange at times waking up knowing that my products have been tweeted about in Japan for example (Luna lives in UK) or hearing from my Brand Manager that products are being brought in new countries internationally.

I also shall be launching my new blog #Esocarecollective soon. It will be bringing together amazing individuals whose knowledge can make a stance in this world; this is my newest adventure!

It is exciting to hear how your journey of self-discovery turned into ideas that catapulted in a business. How would you advise individuals who are feeling how you were 3 years ago?

You know the world can seem like a harsh place at first; but making a decision to begin to find yourself, so that you can find your place in society, is one of the first and best choices to make.

Reach out to individuals who can mentor, coach and support you. Don't' do it alone! Remember to nourish and renew from the inside out. Everything happens for a reason and you are well on your way!

Luna's products, which are sold internationally, can be found at here and on instagram @esocare. Individuals with an innate desire to find their purpose and gain the support they need to take them on their journey for fabled inner and outer success can read more here.

This interview has been edited and some of the words are the author's own.