From Entrepreneur to CEO: There is a big difference

I wish I had this book from day one of undergraduate and graduate business school. Every business student, especially those who are entrepreneurial minded, need to read this book.

Author Shahara Wright, Esq has managed to compile an easy to read and comprehensive collection of real life experiences, research and strategies for growth and longevity. Starting a business is one thing; creating a legacy and brand that doesn’t consume you is an entirely different matter. The sound, strategic advice Shahara Wright offers will make the difference between a business owner being able to do what they love versus creating a burden that may be profitable but is destructive.

Ms. Wright provides step-by-step guidance for the proper way to structure one’s entity and operational processes at various levels of growth. Throughout and at the end of each chapter, she gives comparisons and real life examples of proper and improper application.

Although the author often says that she wrote the book primarily for small businesses, it is extremely beneficial for all levels of entrepreneurs and business owners. I will never forget the example she used of someone that had to walk away from a multi-million dollar business and the strategy that should have been implemented to avoid that.

Are you an entrepreneur or a CEO? Do you own a business or a job? “If you can’t take two or three weeks off to work on the business, without working in the business, you don’t own a business—you own your job!”

Copies of From Entrepreneur to CEO are now available at Amazon and What you don’t know may cost you and future generations the wealth and legacy that you were designed to create.

Shahara Wright, Esq. is a CEO, business law attorney, professor, community leader, speaker and author.  She has been the owner and Lead Attorney of The Wright Firm, PLLC for 15 years. 

Shahara provides small and mid-sized companies with legal and business strategies including entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, investor packages and contracts.  She has experience with product development, bringing products from mere concept to a fully developed and manufactured brand. 

Shahara founded The CEO Effect, LLC to work with small business owners who want to position themselves to accelerate growth. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Hampton University and Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Texas Tech School of Law.  She was licensed to practice law in the State of Texas in 1998. 

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