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From Inside RNC, White Nationalist Radio Broadcasts Call For Execution of Clinton

That Trump Veterans Advisor and New Hampshire state representative Al Baldasaro would today issue a second call (see 22:22 in broadcast) for the execution of presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is hardly a surprise given that he had already called for her execution on Tuesday.
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That Trump Veterans Advisor and New Hampshire state representative Al Baldasaro would today issue a second call (see 22:22 in broadcast) for the execution of presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is hardly a surprise given that he had already called for her execution on Tuesday.

What's surprising is the venue on which Baldasaro made his second call for Clinton to be executed by a firing squad, for alleged treason : a white nationalist radio show that is currently broadcasting from inside the Republican National Convention.

It's a show on which Donald Trump, Jr. appeared last March 1st for an extended interview with hosts Sam Bushman and guest co-host James Edwards (link to Southern Poverty Law Center report on Edwards) who previously the Trump campaign had granted VIP press credentials to broadcast his Political Cesspool radio show from inside a Memphis Trump rally.

Edwards is a close personal friend and protege of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke and calls League of the South founder and president Michael Hill, who has appeared numerous times on Edwards' radio show, "one of my favorite people".

At a recent League of the South meeting Hill issued a call for white Southerners to unite and drive their enemies "into the sea".

This Wednesday, live from inside the RNC in Cleveland, for the third day running, Liberty Roundtable radio has broadcast. Liberty Roundtable is a nationally syndicated far-right white nationalist radio show that goes out via the Liberty Radio News Network.

One of the frequent guests and co-hosts on the Liberty Roundtable, who appeared Tuesday on the show as it was broadcast live from inside the RNC, has been Political Cesspool radio show host James Edwards, whose radio show is one of three shows broadcast on the Liberty Radio News Network run by Liberty Roundtable host Sam Bushman.

In a November 2015 post at the Liberty Roundtable website, Edwards described a vast conspiracy involving Jews that had "the stated and apparent agenda to reduce not only the influence of White Christians, but also the numbers of White Christians -- via our genocide."

Edwards is arguably one of the rising stars among a new generation of young public relations-savvy white supremacist leaders in America, and his Political Cesspool radio show is, according to the SPLC "tailored for a Southern, neo-Confederate, white nationalist audience".

In 2008, writing for the New Republic, journalist Jamie Kirchick labeled Edwards' Political Cesspool a "neo-Nazi radio show".

The show's mission statement supports the right of secession and includes, "Since family is the foundation of any strong society, we reject abortion, feminism, and homosexuality" and declares,

"America would not be a prosperous land of opportunity if the founding stock were not Europeans. Therefore, we advocate for an America First immigration policy."

Among his leadership roles, James Edwards is one of six directors of the virulently racist American Freedom Party, which in 2016 broadcast in several US states automated robocalls warning citizens of an ongoing "genocide" being perpetrated against white Americans and urging them to vote for Donald Trump.

Edwards is also a board member of the crudely racist Council of Conservative Citizens, whose website material has been widely credited with inspiring Dylann Roof, who is accused of having during the summer of 2015 executed nine members of a Charleston, South Carolina church prayer group.

The regular host of the Liberty Roundtable radio show, which has now broadcast for three successive days from inside the RNC, is Sam Bushman, who has been an active leader in the anti-government sheriffs group The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).

CSPOA head and founder Richard Mack has been one of Bushman's most frequent guests on the Liberty Roundtable, and Bushman has served on the CSPOA board.

CSPOA promotes nullification, the idea that citizens or local public officials (such as county sheriffs) can selectively "nullify", or disregard, federal and state laws and regulations they disagree with or regard as unconstitutional.

Nullification and related "Sovereign Citizen" ideas have been linked to acts of domestic violence and terrorism.

According to sociologist, former Army intelligence analyst, and authority on the far-right and the Tea Party Dr. James Scaminaci, groups such as CSPOA are part of an elaborate network created to implement far-right strategist William S. Lind's theory of "Fourth Generation Warfare" by which non-state actors can challenge, delegitimate, and even overthrow established state power.

Behind the meteoric political rise of Trump, Scaminaci told in a recent interview, have been decades of continuous 4th Generation Warfare waged by the U.S. religious right.

In early Spring, in concert with Donald Trump, Jr.'s his Liberty Roundtable radio show appearance with Sam Bushman and James Edwards, Donald Trump himself personally met William S. Lind, a longtime working associate of key religious right architect Paul Weyrich and the leading theorist of Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW).

Lind has repeatedly suggested that his 4GW theory helped inspire al-Qaeda's devastating 2001 terrorist attacks on America.

Lind has also been the chief promoter of the recently minted and fast-spreading conspiracy theory referred to a "cultural Marxism" (and also "political correctness") that posits a vast plot, hatched by Jewish Marxist intellectuals in the 1920s and 1930s, to destroy America, Christianity, and Western Civilization itself.

Lind's theory has especial appeal and traction on the racist, neo-Nazi, neo-Fascist, and authoritarian traditionalist right, and has quickly spread from America to the U.K., Europe, Russia, and even Latin America.

In his 2014 novel Victoria - A Novel of Fourth Generation Warfare, William Lind describes how white Christian militia insurgents who oppose "political correctness" use 4GW tactics to topple the federal government, carry out ethnic cleansing (including driving black families out of cities into the countryside, into forced sharecropping on white lands), stop a black nationalist uprising by vaporizing the center of Atlanta with a stolen tactical nuclear weapon, and launch a 10th Crusade to invade and conquer Islamic nations.

During their Spring 2016 meeting, William S. Lind gave Donald Trump a 2009 book he co-authored with the late Paul Weyrich, The Next Conservatism. The book advances most of the Paleo-Conservative ideas that Donald Trump has campaigned on in his successful bid to win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Atop a website post by Lind describing the meeting is a photo of Lind alongside Trump, who holds the 2009 book.