From Intern To Award Winning CEO, Teneshia J. Warner Shares Her Tips For Dreamers Ready To Take It To The Next Level

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Egami Group, Teneshia J. Warner, about what it really takes to follow one's dream.

Photo Courtesy Of Teneshia J. Warner

As a dreamer and doer, Teneshia is always coming up with new and innovative ways to serve her clients and help entrepreneurs unleash their full potential. Because of this, I knew that she was the PERFECT person to speak with regarding taking your dreams to the next level.

Like many dreamers, Teneshia went the traditional route. She graduated from college, worked in the corporate world and started living the American Dream. But it wasn't long before she realized that her hard work was motivated by money, and not by passion. So Teneshia sought out on a journey to find what she was truly passionate about.

The result? Running into Russel Simmons at a Las Vegas convention, pitching him over 30 times to work for him for FREE, climbing up the ladder from intern to general manager of Rush Communications all before launching her very own award winning marketing firm. Teneshia's firm has connected brands such as My Black Is Beautiful, General Motors, Verizon Wireless, Dasani, Hennessy, KFC plus more!

Now, as a dreamer myself, I am always looking to hear positive success stories like Teneshias, so I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to catch up with her and grab some tips and strategies that will help all of us take immediate action on our dreams.

She also gave me the inside scoop on her annual two-day conference, the Dream Project Symposium, and shared how we can all get involved and join the movement.

Photo Courtesy of Teneshia J. Warner/Women In Business Panel by Prudential

Hey Teneshia! Can you tell us more about who you are, and what you do?

My name is Teneshia J. Warner. I am a wife, friend, daughter, and CEO of EGAMI Group. EGAMI is a multicultural marketing firm that specializes in connecting corporate brands with diverse audiences. The firm is located in Manhattan, New York.

As the CEO of an award winning marketing firm, what would you say are some challenges you had to push through to get to where you are now?

Having the courage to live an authentic and passionate life. After college I worked in Corporate America for a number years and was not fulfilled on this path. I changed career directions and became an entrepreneur. Deciding to change career directions took courage and trust.

Lack of Resources - Throughout my career, there have been a number of times when my vision seemed greater than the immediate resources that were available to me. This forced me to become resourceful and find innovative ways to obtain resources needed to fulfill the vision ( i.e - strategic partnerships etc.)

Has fear ever crept in and convinced you to doubt yourself? How did you rise above your fear?

Oh absolutely! To be honest, fear is present in my life daily. I've personally had to develop a relationship with fear. No longer do I try to fight fear nor do I try to live a life that is absence of fear. As a matter of fact, if fear were not present in my life, that would probably mean that I was playing it too safe. Among one of my goals is to fully express myself and reach my greatest potential in this lifetime. That means that I cannot play it safe. With every expansion or stretch, fear is always present. With that said, I've grown accustomed to fear's voice in my head. However, I simply choose NOT to take its advice.

Brilliant advice Teneshia! I absolutely love it. Now, each year I enter into the year with a word or mantra. Last year it was "Serving". This year it is "Action". What word are you living by this year

My word for 2016 is LOVE.

Would it be cliché to say that I LOVE your 2016 word? I know that your passion revolves around serving others and helping dreamers unleash the creator within themselves. What advice would you give to Dreamers who are emerging and looking to make their mark on the world?

I believe that a secret to achieving your DREAM is understanding that the DREAM is not a desired destination. Instead, it's a continuous enchanting journey. Look for ways to serve and start ACTING on your DREAM TODAY. For example, if you desire to start your own business, read a book that provides you with the start-up knowledge TODAY. If you desire to become a singer, record a video of yourself singing and upload it to youtube TODAY. If you desire to become a lawyer, start volunteering at a law firm TODAY. Ask yourself, what can I do TODAY that puts my DREAM into action.

Whoa! You are dropping some serious knowledge today. Take Action TODAY! Duly noted, I hear you loud and clear. Now, I've had the honor of attending your annual symposium The Dream Project, and I was simply blown away. It truly was one of the greatest events I have ever attended. Can you tell the readers more about The Dream Project and how to become involved?

The DREAM Project is an annual symposium that launched in 2013 and is designed to support diverse small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in taking their ideas and businesses to the next level. This innovative symposium is hosted by the award-winning New York-based multicultural marketing firm, The Egami Group, and features a series of dynamic speakers who share their knowledge, expertise and business savvy advice with aspiring and existing small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Photo Courtesy of Teneshia J. Warner

I cannot wait to attend again this year! Where will The Dream Project be held and what date will it take place? Seriously, I need all of the details!

The DREAM Project Symposium will take place in Atlanta, Georgia every year. This year it will be held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in downtown Atlanta on April 21 - 22, 2016. Dreamers can visit our website at for more information. They can also check out the 2015 Recap Video: Dream Project 2015 Sizzle

Thank you Teneshia for giving us all such amazing tips to continue following our dreams! I know The Dream Project 2016 will be another amazing experience, just like before!

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