From iPod to Tablet, Apple Through The Decade (PHOTOS)

From iPod to Tablet, Apple Through The Decade (PHOTOS)

What would Steve Jobs do? That's a question that hangs over techno geeks as they gather for this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the gadgetpalooza that kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas. Apple and its chief executive officer won't be at CES, though Apple's tablet, which is rumored to be debut later this month, is a guaranteed talker. Apple is one of the biggest trendsetters in technology, revolutionizing not one but four distinct markets: computers, movies, music and mobile phones. With the tablet whipping the media into a frenzy -- and with Jobs being named CEO of the Decade by Fortune magazine -- we look back at the top Apple moments of the past decade.

If these moments helped shape Apple in the '00s, how will they shape the company's (and technology's) future in this decade?

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