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From Lagerfeld to <i>The Real Housewives of Orange County</i>

My favorite part of the grey-hair trend is that it demonstrates how people are thinking out of the box. This kind of approach often leads us to stumble onto a completely new way of looking at or thinking about beauty.
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The other day in the middle of taking care of a client's color, I was called to the phone. A very respected beauty editor needed to speak to me urgently. I called her back as soon I was finished with my client. She had called to ask me about the new trend of women choosing to wear their blond hair grey. Karl Lagerfeld set the beauty and fashion world abuzz when he recently sent many of his models down the catwalk sporting grey hair. The models looked incredibly edgy and chic. Immediately I was questioned if this is a new trend, the beginning of women proudly wearing grey hair.

My immediate answer was "yes," this is a new trend for models. The key word being trend. A trend is a passing phase. It is a temporary state of being that is not meant to last forever. Following trends is a quick and easy way to create a look. Sometimes the look is appropriate and can effect a more captivating style. At other times, trends do not only not work for the individual but are completely unappealing. Grey hair on a model can look like a fabulous fashion statement. The problem is that except for very young women with perfect quality skin texture and tone, grey hair usually looks dull, drab and unkempt. This grey-hair trend is most appropriate for the runways or editorial photo shoots. I doubt that this will be a huge trend. I think the very young fashionistas will be drawn to this look for about 10 minutes. In the real world, this look is most likely a no go.

I must admit my favorite part of this trend is that it demonstrates how people are thinking out of the box. This kind of approach often leads us to stumble onto a completely new way of looking at or thinking about beauty. It forces us to rethink everything, from our hemlines to our hair color. This is how fashion and beauty continue to evolve.

The other end of the blond spectrum can be easily illustrated by The Real Housewives of Orange County. Anyone watching this show would think that being a Barbie Doll blonde is a prerequisite to living in Orange County. There are many women who choose to wear varied hair colors in shades that look natural in this community. This aesthetic is present but is on the wane. The world has grown smaller and smaller. We all have access to the same information. Fashion and beauty looks have become more of an individual's personal statement about the image they want to project. The women on this show are extreme stereotypes that are not exclusive to Orange County. Variations of this look can be found from coast to coast.

Obviously each shade of blond denotes a definite personal sense of style. Depending on the shade you choose, it can determine how some people perceive your character and personality. Your hair color can make you look like an earthy granola girl, a washed-out nondescript individual, a well-bred tasteful beauty, or the ultimate bombshell blonde. After many years behind the chair, I have found this often not to be an accurate perception. I have learned it best never to judge a book by its cover.

To help guarantee that you pick the most flattering shade, I highly recommend a consultation with your hair colorist. The shade of blond you chose should always be determined by your skin tone, texture and the condition of your hair. You should always bring in pictures of colors that you like to be sure you share a similar vision to your hairdresser. Color is hard to describe. Bringing in pictures will help eliminate any miscommunication. You should also bring in a list of questions that should always include maintenance, condition and cost.

Blond can be a very beautiful color for many women. If this is a color that is appropriate for you, you should definitely try it out. Remember, no color choice has to be forever.