From Meth & Sex Addiction to Recovery: Chelsea in the Sober Hot Seat (AUDIO/VIDEO)


In addition to Nicholas Snow Live, I am honored to produce Intervention 911 with Ken Seeley, also featuring Chelsea Edwards, Steven Richitt and Eric McLaughlin with compelling guests. Their focus? Talking about addiction and recovery while dissecting the issues and creating solutions.

In 12-step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous, it is traditional that there be no cross-talk, meaning that people who do not comment on one another's shares in the context of a meeting. But on Intervention 911, it is intentional for participants to call each other out on their sh*t! In this particular episode, Chelsea is in the Sober Hot Seat. She gives her impression of "what happened" while others chime in to tell what really happened! Ouch!


Ken Seeley is an internationally acclaimed interventionist known to millions of people worldwide from the A&E reality TV show, Intervention. Certified as a Board Registered Interventionist, Ken has worked full-time in the business of recovery and intervention since 1989. He is a regular contributor to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC on the topics of addiction and intervention, and is also the author of Face It and Fix It, a popular book about overcoming the denial that leads to common addictions while bringing guidance to those struggling with addiction.


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Chelsea and Steven discuss the gifts of recovery:

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