From Nigeria To New York Fashion Week

With a business model that focuses on lifting others up, Joy Egbejimba’s handbag line, Nuciano, is a unique animal in the fashion world. Egbejimba is a handbag designer and humanitarian. She has a drive for business that will not be contained by any common definitions. Nuciano is a fashion company that makes high-quality designer handbags at accessible prices, but the story doesn’t stop there.

Joy Egbejmba experienced first-hand bias against girls and women while growing up in Nigeria. School, in particular, was considered something for the boys while girls were expected to focus on other skills closer to home. Somehow, she wanted more. Even her family always saw her as someone with a special spark, someone who would travel her path and hold on to her own dreams. After achieving her education, she made her way to the United States.

Shortly after moving to the U.S. she became a high-level accountant and a business owner. Using her knowledge of numbers, love of fashion and passion for inspiring women, Egbejimba then created Nuciano. Her vision has come to life in the form of structured fashion pieces that provide women with striking quality, effortless functionality and a luxurious image at competitive prices.

She also wanted to help the girls whose experience growing up mirrored her own, and that's why she created Nuciano Scholars. This program aids in helping girls pursue schooling in Nigeria. “I believe that when you raise a girl, you raise an entire village.” Egebjimba expressed, regarding the cause. “I want to help girls get an education so they can increase their earning potential and achieve their dreams. I want them to know anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

Today her business keeps on giving. Nuciano recently donated handbags to the ladies residing at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission (Hope Place) which is a homeless and addiction recovery program for women and children. The bags that were donated were given to women who recently graduated the program. Nuciano's vision is to see these ladies have a new designer bag as a sign of investment in their future, to remind them of their goals and their self-worth as they recreate their lives with the opportunities and happiness they deserve.

Nuciano Designs’ mission is to create high quality, high fashion style more accessible for women who want to look their best. The company began with hand bags and clutches but moving forward Egbejimba has visions of expanding the brand into other accessories and apparel as well.

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