From Paralysis to Paralympic Gold: Overcoming the Odds

At age 18, competitive swimmer Mallory Weggemann encountered a life-changing challenge of waist-down paralysis caused by an epidural injection gone wrong. While this type of accident might have ended a lesser athlete's career, it was not so for Ms. Weggemann. Overcoming the physical and mental challenges, she was back in the pool only three months later, adapting her swimming technique and learning to use two rather than four limbs.

Less than sixteen months after her injury, Mallory was breaking Para world records at the 2009 Can Am Speedo Para Swim Meet. Building momentum, she would go on to win a Gold Medal at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, England in the 50m Freestyle event (setting a world record in the process), and a Bronze Medal in 4x100m 34 Point Medley Relay.

The mini doc is part of Ron Parida's ongoing series 'The Happiness Stories' on his YouTube channel. 'The Happiness Stories' chronicles people around the world overcoming serious hurdles, smiling all the while. Check out Ron on Facebook and Instagram.

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