From Penny Hoarder to a Community of Millions

From Penny Hoarder to a Community of Millions
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Episode 3 of The #CommunityBuilder Series featuring Kyle Taylor of The Penny Hoarder

Episode 3 of The #CommunityBuilder Series featuring Kyle Taylor of The Penny Hoarder

In this episode of The #CommunityBuilder Series, I sit down with Kyle Taylor, the founder of to discuss how he’s built an engaged community of millions.

The backstory of Kyle Taylor and

While managing massive student loans and debt in 2010, Kyle began to blog about his adventures in making and saving money. Readers responded and this culminated into the launch of

Under his leadership, The Penny Hoarder has grown from a personal blog to one of the largest publications on the web with millions of readers a month. The Penny Hoarder has pioneered a new kind of personal finance media with stories about real people and actionable money tips that make a true difference in our readers’ budgets.

Kyle is active in local politics after spending nearly six years on the road as a campaign worker crafting media strategy, directing field workers, and raising millions of dollars for important causes. He feels passionately that people should earn a liveable wage no matter what their job.

Instagram: @ThePennyHoarder

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