From Seattle to Singapore: How Microsoft Is Taking Lessons From Young People

There are 1.2 billion young people on our planet today -- more than ever before and the numbers continue to grow with projections of 1.5 billion young people by 2035. Many of them are doing amazing things. They are innovating, they are inspiring and they are driving real impact.

We believe we can learn a lot from their work, their energy and their passion. We want to hear from them directly on the best way we can support them. That's why we're holding six events around the world starting in Seattle this weekend and then visiting Cairo, Singapore, Brussels, Beijing and Mexico City.

As part of the events we're launching the Innovate4Good @Microsoft community, a place where young people around the world can come together, collaborate, inspire and support each other.

Our goal is simple. Create a global movement for young people who enable them to:

  • Connect to others who want to make a real impact for a better tomorrow... for themselves, for their community and for the world
  • Envision new ideas and work together to create and seize new opportunities
  • Access Microsoft and its resources, programs, and events in their communities
  • Discover how others have used Microsoft technology and programs to do amazing things

These events and the Innovate4Good @Microsoft community are just a start.

We must actively enable young people to overcome unique issues that no other generation has faced. The private, public and nonprofits sectors must come together to help youth cross the emerging opportunity divide between those who have the skills, education and opportunities to succeed and those who don't.

At Microsoft, we are creating a new set of programs, partnerships and resources, all focused on helping youth realize their opportunity in the world, whether they aspire to reach higher levels of education, start or grow their career, become an entrepreneur or generate social good.

Please join us. It's in everyone's best interest. You can follow the conversation with the #innovateforgood on Twitter or on our Facebook page.