From Smartphone to Summer Intern

Just the other day I was commuting home on a crowded LIRR peak express train when a stranger sitting next to me refused to get off at his stop without first commenting on my lightning speed texting technique. Between the packed car and my blasting headphones, he had had to repeat himself three times until I finally realized he was referring to the group text message I was in the middle of blasting out to my family.

Ironically, I never ended up hitting the SEND button. Once he departed, I sat paralyzed in my seat for the duration of the train ride, debating if this was:

A. a compliment
B. an insult
C. an observation
D. a sign that I was overdue for an iPhone intervention

I'm going to go with E: all of the above.

I am the first to admit that technology plays a prominent role in my everyday life. It always has-- I grew up creating a new AOL Instant Messenger screen name for myself each week in middle school, and even tried to sneak my way onto MySpace as a minor during its peak in 2007.

Today, iMessage has replaced AIM and I have graduated from MySpace to Facebook, but that said, I ponder if my long term relationship with technology is actually helping me or hindering me each day? Do I control my iPhone or does my iPhone control me?

As my summer internship is transitioning from a foreign, unpredictable, schedule into a consistent, daily routine, my smart phone has disguised itself as a personal assistant that successfully gets me through each day. The undeniable reliance kicks in around 6:15 AM when I, "wake up in the morning feelin' like P-Diddy" to "Don't Stop by Ke$ha, thanks to my modern age alarm clock (purchased for free at the futuristic app store).

Next, I tune in to the weather notifications on my iPhone that advise me how to style today's business casual attire -- "cloudy with a small chance of rain." I turn to what I am beginning to consider my own summer intern, Siri and ask, "Where is the closest Duane Reade (in case I need to buy an umbrella) to Walker Street?" A quick .25 miles and few blocks later (thanks, Google Maps), I begin my day rest assured that despite any tricks Mother Nature has in store, I will make it around Manhattan safe and dry.

HopStop saves me from complete commuter chaos and directs me to work with ease from Penn Station to Chinatown, where a mere 25 minutes later I step into the office ready and eager to sign on to my not one, but two computer screens. I already know I have text messages and emails pending as I felt my phone vibrate incessantly in my pocket on the way downtown (I try not to check these messages out of the office for obvious reasons, plus who is trying to drain their battery life before noon?)

Just before I sit down to work, I sign on to Spotify because why should anyone have to spend the day working without the comfort of their own personal music library? Beautiful Now by Zedd is the first song to play on shuffle, which reminds me to text my brother who works with Jon Bellion, the featured artist on the track. With a little help from my friends Misterwives, Lana Del Rey and Logic, I am able to lock down a few deals for an upcoming MakeSpace Summer special.

Although it feels like minutes have elapsed, I check the time, notice it is noon, and wonder if any of the nearby marketing team employees can hear my stomach growling. The worry fades as the bell rings and a notification from Kim, our office manager, reminds us that today's catered lunch is ready and waiting.

We indulge over Gourmet Pizza Friday (#amazing), followed by ice cream sandwiches to celebrate a colleague's birthday. How sweet-- literally and figuratively-- as I type a reminder in my phone to WORK OUT LATER!

My snapchat story extends five extra seconds as I snag a picture of my red velvet dessert, update my Facebook status to "feeling full", but reassure myself it was all worth it. YUM, I sigh and then go on to tweet: I love my job.

You might feel stressed just reading this entry and my long list of techno-habits, but following a strident schedule (shout out to Google Calendar) ironically relaxes and motivates me to make the most of each day. It might only be 1 PM, but it's safe to say I would likely be lost and late if it weren't for my two interns: iPhone 6 and IOS 8.