From the Banisters to Here: Life After Sexual Assault

"This is it, I'm not letting one person ruin the rest of my life"

Claire Foran is immediately striking, not least because of her vibrant teal hair and piercing brown eyes. When she begins telling her story, we're completely captivated.

Almost 18 months ago while studying nursing in London, Claire was sexually assaulted. In the months that followed she struggled to confide in those close to her. The isolation coupled with exhausting work hours caused Claire major health issues. She ended up hospitalized with meningitis.

Realizing that she needed to be surrounded by those she loved, she returned home only to come to the harsh realization that the trauma she experienced was not going to evaporate.

With the support of her family and boyfriend, she sought ACT therapy. Claire is now at a place in her life where she feels more able to support other survivors of assault.

She is running in the VHI Women's Mini Marathon to raise money for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. Watch her story below.