From The Golden Era Of Bodybuilding
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I wanted to first introduce myself Ric Drasin from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding in Venice Beach, CA in the early 1970's. This was a very popular time among fitness buffs and bodybuilders and was said to be the best era of that yet.

I would agree, and at that time I was training with Arnold Schwarzenegger, competing in bodybuilding and working as a Professional Wrestler at night. During the day we would all audition for TV work, commercials and feature films. It was a time when there were plenty of roles for bodybuilders and it gave us the income to be able to train and have a beach lifestyle.

In 1973 I designed the world famous iconic Gold's Gym Logo which became the largest selling t shirt in the world. In 1976 I designed the also famous World Gym Gorilla and both gyms were owned by Joe Gold. These designs put me on the map as an artist and soon I had many T shirt designs advertised in Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness magazines. As the years went on many stories transpired which I will be writing about in my posts. All these years have culminated much success in Bodybuilding, Pro Wrestling and Entertainment and today I have an Internet talk show with 23 million viewers based on those stories. I hope you will follow me here and read my fun times in the Golden Era and my experiences in Fitness, Nutrition and Health.

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