This New Film Looks At What Happens When A Parent Transitions

Get a sneak peek at "From This Day Forward."

With her own wedding just around the corner, filmmaker Sharon Shattuck began to examine her parents' unique relationship in the new documentary film, "From This Day Forward."

The film, which beings a weeklong engagement at New York's IFC Center on June 24, reveals how Shattuck's father, Trisha, learned to cope after coming out as transgender. Her mother, Marcia, identifies as straight, but opted to stay committed to Trisha throughout her transition and beyond.

"Growing up, all I wanted was to be from a 'normal' family," Shattuck told People last year. "But now, I'm grateful that my family is different. It's made me more compassionate toward other people's differences."

Slated to air on PBS's documentary film showcase POV in October, "From This Day Forward" has already enjoyed great success on the festival circuit, and was an official 2015 selection at Outfest in Los Angeles, San Francisco's Frameline and the Camden International Film Festival.

Don't miss a sneak peek at "From This Day Forward" above.

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