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From This Momma to All the Idiots Who Are Still Texting and Driving

I try to set a good example for my kids -- I do, but nothing makes me want to spit and cuss in public more than you idiots who continue to text and drive.
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I'm a sweet, well-raised, Jesus lovin' momma who helps in my kids' classrooms, lends a hand to a friend or a charity and if I can, saves some trees in the process. I try to set a good example for my kids -- I do, but nothing makes me want to spit and cuss in public more than you idiots who continue to text and drive. I have my kids in the car so there will not be any hand gestures, not that you would see them anyway, but what you really deserve is to be pulled over and to get some heavy fines before you kill somebody.

You know there are laws against texting and driving, right? There are even laws in some states about holding your phone to your ear while driving, yet somehow you think you have some special entitlement to bypass all laws, to ignore the safety of other drivers on the road because you might miss something in the five minutes it takes you to get to Walmart or in the 25 minutes it takes you to commute to work. In all seriousness, would you read a novel or even newspaper headlines while you were driving? Would you peck out a work report while on your commute? I would hope not. Most people shouldn't even eat and drive but to be driving while looking down at your phone screen is not really driving -- it's like playing "chicken" but only one person playing knows the game has started. Texting and driving makes a crash 23 times more likely.

Nothing makes me angrier than passing someone or seeing someone driving behind me and all I see is the top of their head. If you don't care about yourself or your children, so be it, but for you to bring your two-ton vehicle onto the road in the line of fire of my vehicle and my three children when your eyes are not on the road is wrong. Who do you think you are fooling? Everyone can see your eyes are shaded down. You are the stupid one in five driver that are surfing the web while commanding a vehicle. What, you couldn't miss that great cat video on your Facebook feed? You had to get that last, LOL typed in response to your buddy's joke? Unfortunately that can be all it takes to end lives, including your own.

You people with teenagers -- put a stinking app on their phone to disable the phone while the vehicle is moving. And while you are at it, get one for yourself, since adults do it even more than the 43 percent of teens who do) Do you remember being a teen driver yourself? All I had was my moms "bag phone" -- it was huge -- it literally fit in a soft zippered briefcase and sat in the front passenger's seat. I was given strict instructions I was never, ever, ever unless I was on fire to use that phone. Not only would it cost a million dollars but it would keep me from driving properly. I could not change the radio station with other teens or my sister in the car for the same reason -- but for some reason some people continue to allow their teens to text and drive. You are even sometimes guilty of texting them while they are driving. Don't turn your kids into idiots. Encourage them to use some quiet, non-screen time to think, to focus on their driving, to keep themselves and others alive. This IS your job as parents you know, to teach your children to be RESPONSIBLE members of society.

Some of you parents aren't even teaching by example. Those of you in the drop off lane and school zone, it's a law not to be on your phone in those areas but every time I pick up or drop off one of my kiddos I see you moms or dads, pulling in or out of the school lot while looking at your phone. You are driving gigantic SUV's and mini-vans. I don't even think most of you people should be driving a grocery cart at our local supermarket while looking at your phone, I sure don't think you should be in an area surrounded by kids doing it.

Driving a highway the length of a football field while blindfolded it is like human FROGGER, even Evil Knievel wouldn't have done this trick, but that is what five seconds of texting and driving, while going 55 mph, is equivalent to. Are you planning on drinking and driving with your kids or grandma in the car today? No? What you are doing is actually potentially worse than that. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, those of you texting and driving are actually 6 times more likely to cause an accident than if you WERE driving while intoxicated. It's the same as drinking four beers and getting behind the wheel. There is a stigma for drinking and driving and let me tell you, if I have anything to do with it, there will be for texting and driving, too.

So put a rubber band on your thumb, Sharpee all over it as a reminder, or cut the damn thing off, but stop putting other people's lives in danger because you are too busy or think you are too important to pull over or wait. Should all our lives be in danger because you just couldn't wait five minutes to text your partner that you need milk or to check social media for pictures of what your friends ate for lunch? Ridiculous, isn't it? You are an adult. Show that you can hold yourself back and YOU too can do without screen time, at least while you are in the car. Take the time to talk to your kids, to enjoy the quiet or listen to your radio station for once -- but stay off your phone, I wanna see your face when you pass by me.

And P.S.: If you are one of my children's friends' parents, don't be offended when I tell you they won't be riding with you to the movies because I sure wouldn't have let them ride with you after four beers, either.