From Toronto to Pittsburgh to Jay Leno, Capitalism Marches On...


It hasn't quite hit me that Capitalism: A Love Story, my new film, will be opening in theaters in New York and L.A. just one week from tomorrow. And everywhere else on October 2nd. Is it already the fall?

Having spent the last year and a half living pretty much under the radar and quietly putting together this movie for you, it is heartening, to say the least, to read the early reviews where Time Magazine called it "Moore's magnum opus," the Los Angeles Times has declared it my "most controversial film yet," and Variety has said that Capitalism: A Love Story is "one of Moore's best films." Wow. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, considering this film is an all-out assault against the racket polite people like to call "Wall Street."

My crew and I had one thought in mind while we were filming Capitalism: What if the powers-that-be refuse to give us funding for the next movie after they see what we've put in this one?! And if that was the case, knowing that this documentary might be our last one for a while, what would we want to make sure we put in this film? That's a heavy thought, I know, but we did, indeed, set about making this movie and giving it everything we got, with an attitude that said loud and clear: "Take no prisoners!"

The film is now completed and we left our world premiere at the Venice Film Festival with two of its prizes! Capitalism: A Love Story won the Leoncino d'Oro award, given to one film each year by a jury of young adults in Venice (they call it their "youth prize," meaning we were the top film among the young people at the festival). We were also awarded The Open Prize, given to the film that best honors the art of cinema (a group of Italian artists participating in the Venice Biennale hand out this cherished prize).

Then, this past Sunday night, we landed in Canada for the North American premiere of Capitalism: A Love Story -- and again, the film was met with wide critical acclaim and thunderous applause at the screenings (no, it wasn't just the sound of Canadians trying to keep their hands warm).

But it wasn't till last night, at the annual convention of the AFL-CIO in downtown Pittsburgh, PA, that a packed house of rank-and-file union members -- plumbers and nurses and steelworkers and 73 other trades -- watched the U.S. premiere of our film and, I kid you not, the roof practically came off the place as the credits rolled. I've never witnessed, in my 20 years as a filmmaker, such a response to one of my movies. I'm sure the theater management must have been thinking a riot was going to break out. After years of having the crap kicked out of working people of this country, the crowd in Pittsburgh was ready to rumble after watching two hours of cinema that laid it all out about how Corporate America has gotten away with murder. I was profoundly moved by this overwhelming and enthusiastic response. I simply can't wait to bring this movie to your town and for you to see it! I know you will be shocked and surprised by a lot of what you will see in it. Once again, I've set out to show you things the nightly news doesn't dare show you. There will be some very wealthy men who will not be happy about this film's release. So be it. It's a free country, but more importantly, it's OUR country. It doesn't belong to the richest 1% who now -- are you ready for this -- have more financial wealth than the entire bottom 95% of the country combined!!

Last night Jay Leno premiered his new prime time show on NBC. His in-studio guest was Jerry Seinfeld. Tonight (Tuesday), for his second show, his guest is... me! I know -- that's crazy. My friends are taking bets on the exact hour today the executives at G.E. will call and pull the plug on this insanity. Or not.

Assuming that doesn't happen, I invite you to tune in at 10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT/MT. I'll show, for the first time on national TV, a scene from the movie -- and I might have another surprise for you.

Well, I've landed in L.A. and it's time to get ready for the big show tonight. Thanks for all your support of my work in these past 20 years. I hope, together, we can make change happen in the coming months. That's what the majority voted for. That's what we all deserve.


That's all for now, my friends.

Michael Moore

P.S. I'd like to invite any of you within driving distance to a very special premiere of my movie this Saturday, September 19th, in Bellaire, Michigan. It will be the first time the completed film will be shown in the state where I'm from and I'll be there to host it. It's a benefit for the local progressive Dems and you can get more info (and tickets!) by going to I hope to see you there if you can make it to this very personal and special showing of the movie amongst the people who are my neighbors and friends.