From Unfair Dismissal To 6 Figure Entrepreneur Interview With Natasha Stewart

From Unfair Dismissal To 6 Figure Entrepreneur Interview With Natasha Stewart
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One of the reasons I started my business was so that I could work from home and raise my family. Kind of a forward planner, I started several years ago and we still don’t have immediate plans for children. But that’s the kind of gal I am.

Recently I’ve been inspired by the story of a lady who has built a 6 figure business after unfair dismissal from her company. Natasha, is a successful, driven and talented lady who runs a community of over 5,000 business mums at Business Jump.

Today Natasha is here to answer some questions and tell us about her journey to 6 figure freedom. She shares all about creating a freedom first lifestyle and building a business with smarts.

Cheryl: Hi, so nice to have you here with us thank-you for taking the time to answer these questions. I was really inspired by your story, mostly because it was so different to how I started my business. You’ve created some truly staggering results in such a short space of time and I wonder if that was partly due the circumstances you found yourself in. Can you just tell us a bit about what happened and how you came to be an entrepreneur?

Natasha: Great to be here Cheryl, thanks for this opportunity. Of course, well this story starts in 2011 when I was fired from my full-time job. I didn’t have a warning and I was given hush money to stay quiet. The reason I was fired was because I had been looking after my daughter on days she was sick and wasn’t able to go into daycare.

When they took me into the meeting room I just knew something was going on, so I recorded the conversation. I think about it now and I think, smart girl! I was smart because what they said during that meeting room gave me ground for unfair dismissal. But I didn’t take them to court. Instead I used my anger as fuel to start my own business.

Cheryl: Wow, that is powerful. It must have been such a difficult but also empowering time for you. And is that when you started Business Jump, your current business?

Natasha: No, I didn’t start with Business Jump. I spent four years building a product based business whilst freelancing in Graphic and Web Design on the side. Those four years were really hard work, like really hard. Working until 2AM in the morning packing up products, on calls with clients the next day all with a child to look after as well. I did manage to build the business to a stage where I could sell it, but I realised that the product based model and the freelance model are broken.

Cheryl: Broken? What do you mean?

Natasha: You end up working yourself into the ground running those types of businesses. I didn’t want that for myself or my family. I’m sure it is possible to create one with more freedom, but at the base of it I realised the product based and freelance model are very time consuming. I knew there must be a better way to create an income and with business experience on my side I set off to figure out what that business model was.

Cheryl: And did you find it?

Natasha: Yes, I did. I made more money in one month than I did in an entire year’s salary in my last business, working less time as well.

Cheryl: This is Business Jump?

Natasha: Yes, I realised I had a lot of powerful knowledge to share with other business owners. I had successfully built up and sold a business and could teach other mums how to start their own. But I wanted to make sure I taught them, or at least advised them on what to steer away from as well. Certain business models such as product based and freelance require more time. So, if freedom is important to you then these models should be approached with caution. There are better ways to build a business.

Cheryl: That sounds great. So what makes Business Jump unique?

Natasha: I have created a model where I can easily outsource the repetitive work that needs to be done. We work with a large community of business mums in Australia and around the world and we support them through online programs to build their business. The model means that I can provide one to one support where it is most important, but it’s not a case of individual work for each person we work with. We sell online courses and pre-made business packages and we have a team which works with our mums and is on call for advice. Our community really value the mix of support we provide and I teach them to implement the same model in their business.

Cheryl: And your family life, how have you managed to balance it with a 6 figure business?

Natasha: That’s the best part about what I’ve created with Business Jump. Even though we are an established business with a solid revenue stream, I’m not up at 2AM working. I get to spend time with my family and look after my children, and occasionally have a second or two for myself. This was my dream, and I’m there, I’ve accomplished it in a short amount of time and I’m helping others do the same. I’d just like to say to any mums out there who believe there is a better way to earn money, there is, you can do it. Business Jump and our clients are an example of what is possible.

Cheryl: What a fantastic journey, so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Natasha. I’m going to share your links below so people can get in touch if they want to find out more.

Natasha helps work at home mums build solid businesses with smarts, check here out at Business Jump or join her supportive & free Facebook community.

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