From Urbanizing to Urban, According to My Facebook Cover Page

During a year filled with four trips abroad and two months away, many of my 2014 Facebook cover photos helped fill my yearly urban and exurban diaries.

Themes address the overlapping (and therefore hardly mutually exclusive) nuances of habitation, history, cityscape, landscape and ecology.

France, Italy, Monaco, Scotland, Spain and the United States all unfold below according to these categories, in a fashion intended to memorialize an extraordinary 2014.



Seattle Haircut



Oban, Scotland

Seattle, Lake City Way

In Marjorie, Seattle

The Ice Cream Laundromat, Seattle

Madrona Scene, Seattle

Seattle, Fifth Avenue

Nice, France Summertime

On Lake Union, Seattle

Vaison la Romaine

Seattle Bench

Roslyn, Washington


Jaca, Spain

St. Andrews, Scotland

Seattle Art Museum



Skyline, Bellevue, Washington

Seattle Skyline

The Promenade, Nice

Monte Carlo

Edinburgh Panorama

Glasgow, River Clyde


Seattle, Sheraton and Sky

Ballard Bridge, Seattle


Sunset Provençal

Riviera from Afar

From Spain to France

In the Palouse I

In the Palouse II



Lake and Mountain, Seattle

Mount Rainier from Seattle

On Lake Washington, Seattle

Near Kirkland, Washington

All images composed by the author. Click on each image for more detail. © 2009-2015 myurbanist. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy.

For more information on the role of personal experience in understanding the changing city, see Urbanism Without Effort, an e-book from Island Press.

This post first appeared in similar form in myurbanist, here.

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