From Ysutaro Koide To Jane Fonda: The 2016 Campaign Today

They say a man is known by his enemies...

A few days ago, the oldest man in the world died at the age of 112. His name was Ysutaro Koide. (Yisrael Kristal of Haifa, age 112, may now be the oldest living man in the world,. When his family told him he was up for the honor, he responded in Yiddish, "The joy of my old age.")

And last month, the oldest politician alive attacked Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. His name is Bob Dole.

This month, Dole is singing the same tune, with modified lyrics. Dole is saying that a President Cruz could not work with Congress, but a President Trump could. This calibration must be great news for Dole's supposed preference, Jeb Bush, whose campaign is mainly that Trump should "reconsider" (Jeb's "low energy" word) his proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigrants.

Meanwhile, Jeb and his SuperPAC have outspent (in campaign ads) the other candidates combined. Yet, he is running fifth nationally and also fifth in the Iowa primary, scheduled for a week from Tuesday. Mega-donors feel the problem is money-soluble; they continue to fund Jeb's SuperPAC. No doubt some of these SWs (Super Wealth - upper 0.1 of 1%) also were bullish on oil. They may have to invest in government-subsidized ethanol.

The press spin from Jeb's downward momentum in the Iowa caucuses won't help for the New Hampshire primary five weeks later. In that state, Jeb has spent money big time. He publicly claims to be in second place but won't identify the poll; consensus polling suggests third to sixth place.

Meanwhile, some Republican heavyweight donors (read: crony capitalists) are thinking the unthinkable and reaching out to Donald Trump. They see him as more viable in November than Ted Cruz; accordingly, Cruz, citing this development, boasts that he, not Trump, should be deployed as the Monumental Anti-Establishment Candidate (MACE). Trump has a way of having his cake and eating it too. Any compromise or change, now or in the future, is The Art of the Deal. Trump will certainly quote Dole for sure; he will even "deal" with the Republican Donor Class (they must return the hostages first), and yet he will, at least for the time being, maybe in perpetuity, retain authenticity.

To make sure Trump stays real, now comes Jane Fonda to assure conservative Republicans that Trump is her Arch-Villain, and thus their hero. Fonda, who famously traveled to North Vietnam while that nation was killing Americans, and whose visit triggered renewed torture of American POWs, is mounting a "Stop Hate Dump Trump" movement. Among her colleagues in the group is Noam Chomsky, who is an authority on Hate. Chomsky is known far and wide to Hate America (and, for good measure, in case you're wondering, he also Hates Israel.) In the future, we shall refer to Chomsky and Chomskites as SLJs (self-hating Jews).

"History has shown us what happens when people refuse to stand against hate-filled leaders," the manifesto on the group's website says. What happens, I can tell anyone reading, is we have people like the atheistic communists Stalin and Mao and Ho Chin Minh, who liquidated many tens of millions of men, women and children; and we have their recent iteration, the religious Islamo-Fascists who the Left supports. Fonda is a feminist for the rights of women, and the Islamists on a good day treat women as second class citizens; and on a bad day (and bad days are more frequent), they rape them or kill them for being raped. Fonda also obsesses in this country about gay rights, but she is not known for confronting the radical Muslims (yes, Jane, no matter what Barack Obama tells you, there is such a thing) who assault and rape, stone, and torture, drown and kill...boys and young men who are judged to be homosexuals.

I have reviewed the signatories for Jane's "Stop Hate Dump Trump" group. The list is pretty much a compilation of Bernie supporters, as in Bernie Sanders.

They say a man is known by his enemies.

Donald Trump should be grateful.