What Your Front Door Color Has To Say About Your Personality (PHOTOS)

You don't often meet an introvert with a bright orange entryway.

We recently wrote about our six favorite front door colors. But did you know that the hue you choose says a lot about your unique personality?

For example, national color expert of Sensational Color, Kate Smith said, “An entry door painted a bold shade of orange says ‘I’m friendly, fun-loving and enjoy getting together with people’ so that’s the color for an extrovert -- and perhaps not the best choice for someone who has a more reserved personality.” Hmmm... good thing repainting your entry is usually a quick DIY.

Scroll through and find out what your front door shouts to the world about you.

1. Red: Just like you'd probably guess, this hue tells the world to “look at me!” Red is a bold choice for those who are not afraid of standing out on the block.

door color
Classic Craft Canvas door from Therma-Tru

2. White: A crisp white door is for those who are (or would like to be) organized, neat and clean.

front door color
Classic Craft Canvas Collection from Therma-Tru

3. Green: If your door is green, you care about your home and your community and you have more traditional values.

front door colors
Smooth-Star door with Wellesley glass from Therma-Tru

4. Black: This is a timeless look, and you don't waiver for trends. You're consistent, conservative and reserved.

front door colors

5. Blue: You have an easy go-with-the-flow personality and people flock to you.

6. Yellow: If you choose this sunny hue, you're most likely a leader of the pack.

7. Purple: You're comfortable taking risks and dreaming big. Some may call you a "free spirit."
front door colors

For even more front door inspiration, check out our slideshow below.

Colorful Front Doors

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