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21 Inspiring Portraits Of Frontline Health Workers Around The Globe (PHOTOS)

21 Inspiring Portraits Of Frontline Health Workers Around The Globe (PHOTOS)

For millions of people in remote and rural areas around the world, frontline health workers are the only link to health care. Often based in the communities they serve, these passionate healthcare providers range from highly-trained professionals to new workforce entrants. But they are the most immediate and cost-effective way to save lives, playing a critical role in providing services where they are most needed.

It is for this reason that many developing countries have unleashed the power of frontline health workers to achieve progress on global health goals and to position their citizens for a more prosperous future. Investments here yield real payoffs in building healthier, more productive populations.

Check out the slideshow below for some inspiring portraits of these health professionals serving on the frontline. Scaling up the quality and quantity of health workers will be an expedient means of achieving the Millennium Development Goals to improve the health of families around the world.

Frontline Health Workers

For more information, check out these partnerships that are improving human resource capacity for health: Global Health Workforce Alliance and the Frontline Health Workers Coalition.