Frostie, Baby Goat Who Ditched His Wheelchair For Dancing, Is Cutest Thing To Hit The Internet

Remember our little buddy Frostie the snow goat? Well there is some good news to share!

When last we heard from him, the insanely adorable goat was getting around in a wheelchair borrowed from another friend of ours, Leon Trotsky the piglet, because of an illness of the joints that Frostie contracted shortly after being born. But there's been an exciting development: Frostie is now walking on his own!

Check out the video above of the jubilant and newly mobile Frostie, shared by Edgar's Mission, a nonprofit farm animal rescue sanctuary in Victoria, Australia. It looks like our favorite baby goat is set to have a swift recovery.

This was Frostie last month, trotting along in his wheelchair ...

And look at him now!

Just when we thought he couldn't get any cuter, the little guy starts frolicking. Way to go, Frostie! Keep up the good work.