A Tribute To The Late Frostie The Goat, An Animal Who Actually Taught Us To Be Better People

It's with a heavy heart that we must write Frostie, the adorable, beloved baby snow goat, has died.

In a blog published Tuesday, Edgar's Mission, the nonprofit farm animal sanctuary that rescued Frostie, wrote that the goat, who had recently graduated from his wheelchair, fell ill early Monday morning and died soon after.

The post went on to note what the autopsy revealed:

Frostie’s spinal column was riddled with abscesses that refused to acknowledge the strength and determination of the arsenal of antibiotics and medications that had been sent in to do battle. One abscess was so large it was pressing on and compromising his little rumen, preventing it from doing all the good things rumens do to keep little goats alive. Taking some comfort in the fact that this had caused Frostie no pain until those final moments gave me little consolation as the wee chap seemed to be gambolling along in leaps and bounds.

"Whilst a part of me feels cheated that Frostie’s was not a long life," Edgar's Mission writes, "it was certainly one filled with more happiness and joy, love and friendships, kindness and compassion than many animals receive in a lifetime ... Frostie’s lesson to me has been this, to seize every minute of the your life as the most precious gift there is, use it wisely and lovingly for you never know if it is your last."

We're sure Frostie is out there, somewhere, caught in an endless, boundlessly happy frolic. Rest in peace, little goat.



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