Man Dressed As 'Frosty The Snowman' Scares Vanceboro, NC: Residents Call Police

Talk about an abominable snowman!

A man wearing the head from an inflatable Frosty the Snowman decoration as a mask terrorized residents of small town Vanceboro, N.C. on Sunday night, according to TV station WCTI.

Four panicked locals called 911 to report a disguised man with a four-foot candy cane was on the loose, according to the station.

One woman behind the register of a tobacco shop thought Frosty was going to rob her when he rapped on the shop's window. But the clerk calmed down when the possible villain waved the candy-cane prop, according to The Associated Press.

Others however were not comforted by the sight. One caller told 911 dispatchers that the man scared a little girl.

Police didn't dig deeply into the case, citing more serious unsolved crimes, but on Tuesday a reporter for the TV station uncovered that Jeffrey Acker put on the getup to spread a little holiday cheer. He hasn't been charged with any crime.

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