Frozen Banana Pops Are A Healthy, Delicious Way To Stay Cool This Summer

Summer can feel a bit challenging sometimes. It's the one time of year we have to strip down to our bathing suits in front of other human beings, so we want to look our best. But it's also the best season for eating ice cream and milkshakes and floats -- we could go on and on -- which makes it very hard to look our best. We have found a solution of sorts, in the shape of a banana. Frozen bananas, to be exact. Covered in chocolate and gussied up with sprinkles and chopped nuts.

Sugar Hero

We know that frozen bananas are not ice cream sundaes, but they are good. They will refresh you on a hot day. They will satisfy your sweet tooth. And, did we mention they're covered in chocolate? This is the kind of recipe you're going to want stocked in your freezer for the rest of the summer. It's not only a great option for adults, but kids too.

We found these beauties at the food blog Sugar Hero. Head on over to her site to see how she makes the magic happen.

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