Frozen Dead Guy Days Gets New Owner In Amanda McDonald (VIDEO)


Amanda McDonald likes one frozen dead guy so much she decided to buy the annual Nederland Frozen Dead Guy Days event to make sure it stayed running and more importantly, local, according to The Daily Camera.

McDonald told The Daily Camera she had concerns that a company from out of town could take it over since it was up for sale and the unusual Nedlerland festival might lose its local identity.

Frozen Dead Guy Days, entering its 11th year this March, is a Nederland tradition that honors Bredo Morstoel's frozen corpse that now lies, packed in dry ice, in a shed in the hills of Nederland, according to the festival's website. When Morstoel died in 1989 of a heart condition, his family decided to freeze their beloved grandpa to preserve his body in hopes that new technology would be developed and one day he could be thawed and brought back to life. Morstoel would be 112 years old this year.

Morstoel's corpse has been frozen for nearly 20 years now and the Frozen Dead Guy Days festival in his honor began about 10 years ago. It regularly features a parade of hearses, team coffin races, frozen turkey bowling and other frozen dead guy-themed events. The Denver Post reports that the fest, now entering its 11th year, attracted 15,000 attendees in 2010.

In 2011, the Nederland Chamber of Commerce put the festival trademark up for sale due to the size and scope the festival had grown to over the more than ten years in operation. "It ha grown out of our grasp," Nederland chamber president Blue Hessner told the New York Times in June.

For more information on this year's festival visit the Frozen Dead Guy Days festival website.

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