These Disney Princesses Are Tired Of Being Damsels In Distress

What would it look like if Disney's classic princesses stood up and took their lives into their own hands -- with or without a prince in tow? According to YouTube duo AVByte, pretty darn fabulous.

Disney has received quite a bit of criticism over the years for its well-travelled "one day my prince will come" motif. The original Disney princesses had very little agency of their own -- both Snow White and Aurora spent the climaxes of their movies snoring -- and as the years went on, the prescriptive fairy-tale endings hardly changed. (Half a century after Charming first stumbled upon Snow White in the woods, feisty Ariel sold her life upstream for just the chance of dancing on land with a prince.)

Merida of 2012's "Brave" broke Scottish highland ground when she became the first addition to the princess line without a romantic interest. Queen Elsa of "Frozen" followed in her footsteps this year, and with the help of her little sister, Anna, the movie made a point of turning the all powerful true love's kiss trope on its head.

AVByte's latest tongue-in-cheek video is inspired by Elsa and all of the princesses that came before her. Watch above for a new take on fairy tale endings.



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