These Disney Princesses Are Tired Of Being Damsels In Distress

This Is What Happens When Disney Princesses Get Tired Of Being Damsels In Distress

What would it look like if Disney's classic princesses stood up and took their lives into their own hands -- with or without a prince in tow? According to YouTube duo AVByte, pretty darn fabulous.

Disney has received quite a bit of criticism over the years for its well-travelled "one day my prince will come" motif. The original Disney princesses had very little agency of their own -- both Snow White and Aurora spent the climaxes of their movies snoring -- and as the years went on, the prescriptive fairy-tale endings hardly changed. (Half a century after Charming first stumbled upon Snow White in the woods, feisty Ariel sold her life upstream for just the chance of dancing on land with a prince.)

Merida of 2012's "Brave" broke Scottish highland ground when she became the first addition to the princess line without a romantic interest. Queen Elsa of "Frozen" followed in her footsteps this year, and with the help of her little sister, Anna, the movie made a point of turning the all powerful true love's kiss trope on its head.

AVByte's latest tongue-in-cheek video is inspired by Elsa and all of the princesses that came before her. Watch above for a new take on fairy tale endings.

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