These Photos Taken By A Drone Prove Lake Michigan Is Even More Beautiful When It's Frozen

Lake Michigan might be more stunning in winter than any other season -- at least when seen from this remarkable angle.

Jeff Zita, a student at Hope College in Holland, Mich., told WZZM-TV he used a GoPro camera attached to a drone to get aerial shots of the large sheets of ice covering the lake.

According to the Holland Sentinel, Zita is studying mechanical engineering. He purchased the drone to further his photography, just one of his many hobbies (he also likes sailing and kite-boarding).

In the video he made this month, you can see the sheer hugeness of the ice sheets blanketing Lake Michigan.

“I want something different, I’m always looking to go beyond the norm and get something extraordinary,” Zita told WZZM. He posts his far-from-the-ordinary shots and video of the lake on his Instagram account. See below for some of his views:

That's quite a hobby -- and an amazing use of drone technology.



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