Frozen Lighthouses: Photographer Tom Gill Highlights Lake Michigan's Lighthouses In Winter (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The Beauty Of Frozen Lighthouses

Winter may almost be over (spring does, after all, technically start Wednesday), despite a late winter snowstorm that left the grounds of New England covered in snow and ice. But no matter, the shores of Lake Michigan are dotted with lighthouses, many of which happen to look stunningly beautiful when walloped by large waves that turn to ice.

Photographer Tom Gill seems to have an affinity for shooting these lighthouses at their chilliest (check out his blog here). For (hopefully) one last look at the beauty that is winter, see his photos of the lake's lighthouses below, in all their icy glory.

And while you're at it, check out some of America's prettiest lighthouses that we celebrated on National Lighthouse Day back in August.

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Frozen Lighthouses on Lake MIchigan