Frozen Margarita Recipes That'll Silence The Shamers

“There’s no shame in frozen cocktails.” Damn right there isn't.
Make your own frozen margaritas next time you have a craving.
Cravings Of A Lunatic/Cafe Delites/Joyful Healthy Eats
Make your own frozen margaritas next time you have a craving.

If you’ve ever felt a nagging sense of shame every time you crave a frozen margarita, you shouldn’t. But statements like these may be the reason you feel that way:

Frozen cocktails carry a good deal of baggage in the cultural imagination. ... Your first vision at the mention of ‘frozen cocktail’ is that of a rotating slushie machine, dispensing candy-pink blends of cheap booze and artificially flavored mixers into plastic palm-tree-shaped novelty glasses.”

If you want a frozen margarita, don’t let the naysayers stop you. Make your own damn frozen margarita and enjoy every last icy crystal. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

Use good alcohol. Don’t use a crappy blender. And many would argue you should never use fresh fruit juice in a frozen marg. Rather, it’s suggested that you use a frozen fruit concentrate (preferably made of all-natural juice, with no sugar).

The eight recipes below don’t all adhere to that rule, but to each his own. Take your pick and find your best frozen margarita.

The Best Frozen Lime Margaritas
Robyn Lee/Serious Eats
You can make this mixture and freeze it up to a week ahead of time, and then just blend it with ice when you're ready to drink up.

Get The Best Frozen Lime Margaritas recipe from Maggie Hoffman for Serious Eats
Frozen Strawberry Margaritas
Cravings of a Lunatic
Get the Frozen Strawberry Margaritas recipe from Cravings of a Lunatic
Frozen Mango Margarita
Joyful Healthy Eats
Get the Frozen Mango Margarita recipe from Joyful Healthy Eats
Cantaloupe Coconut Margaritas
Fake Ginger
Get the Cantaloupe Coconut Margaritas recipe from Fake Ginger
Strawberry Sriracha Margarita
Domestic Fits
Get the Strawberry Sriracha Margarita recipe from Domestic Fits
Frozen Peach Margaritas
Fearless Dining
Get the Frozen Peach Margaritas recipe from Fearless Dining
Frozen Margarita Slushy
Cafe Delites
Get the Frozen Margarita Slushy recipe from Cafe Delites
Frozen Cantaloupe Margaritas
Half Baked Harvest
Get the Frozen Cantaloupe Margaritas recipe from Half Baked Harvest

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