Frozen McRib Photo Will Make You Question Everything In Life [UPDATED]

Frozen McRib Photo Will Make You Question Everything In Life

The McRib is once again back on certain McDonald's menus. And while fans are clamoring to track down the much-coveted pork sandwich, a Reddit user reminds us that things are not always how they appear.

For reference, this is what a McRib is supposed to look like, according to McDonald's:


Now -- and this is not for the faint of heart -- here's what it looks like in frozen form, according to a Redditor's friend who works at McDonald's:

The frozen McRib in question appears to be from a Canadian location. The sandwich is currently available across Canada until December 2.

Bon appetit.

[h/t Gothamist]

UPDATE 11/12: A McDonald's spokesman told The Huffington Post in an e-mail:

One reason our customers love the McRib is its fun and wonderful shape. Just like a burger patty is formed to be round and flat, we form the iconic McRib in the shape of traditional ribs. We then flash freeze the patty to seal in flavor and freshness, just like you freeze meat in your own freezer, before going to our restaurants.

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