Movie Theater Reportedly Plays NC-17 'Nymphomaniac' Instead Of 'Frozen' [UPDATE]

Movie Theater Playing 'Frozen' Shows Porn Instead

According to Fox 13, the mistake"caused some parents to rush their children to the exits." Despite the sprinting parents running out of the theater, the nymphomania reportedly continued for a full two minutes.

"It seemed like forever when you're trying to, you know, cover a little guy's eyes," parent Lynee Greene said. "I didn't have enough hands to cover his ears too and he got the sound down real good."

Apparently the whole debacle began when the film wouldn't play, so the projectionist began playing filler, beginning with "Steamboat Willie" and ending with Shia LaBeouf literally having sex on-screen. Or maybe not.

The original Fox report makes no mention of "Nymphomaniac," but one tipster told Mosh News that it was Von Trier's explicit new film. That notion was questioned, however, by "Nymphomaniac" U.S. distributor, Magnolia Pictures, which told TheWrap that the red-band trailer for "Nymphomaniac," which features a scene of oral sex, was not sent to theaters.

“If the Gawker 'Frozen' story is true, it would’ve had to been uploaded from the internet and repurposed by a particularly twisted projectionist,” a Magnolia representative told TheWrap.

The movie theater issued an apology to "Frozen" attendees, and offered them free theater tickets.

[via Gawker]

This post has been updated to reflect the comments from Magnolia Pictures.

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