'Frozen' Fans Are Losing Their Snowballs Over Disney's Newest Ride

This video from inside the ride shows it's everything we've waited for.

"Frozen" fans, prepare to freak out.

A new ride based on the record-breaking animated movie opened this week in Epcot's World Showcase area at Walt Disney World.

Folks from Attractions Magazine went inside "Frozen Ever After" and took an epic first-person video to capture the full experience. Skip to 1:45 in the video above to get to the start of the ride.

Our personal favorite part is this epic Elsa light show:

Park visitors braved a whopping 5-hour wait to board the ride on Tuesday, Attractions Magazine reports. It isn't hard to see why: we've been waiting forever for this attraction to open, and it is summer park season, after all.

And hey, waiting isn't so bad when there's a smorgasbord of delectable treats in the Epcot World Showcase to reward yourself with after.

Happy travels!

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