Frozen Toilet On Polish Passenger Train (PHOTO)

Imagine you're riding along, minding your business on a more than five-hour train ride. Then imagine you have to use the bathroom, but then you head to the toilets only to find the seat covered in three inches of snow.

A passenger on a Polish train, identified only as Agnieszka, had this experience Sunday while traveling from Szczecin to Warsaw, Poland. When she complained of the issue to the conductor, he reportedly told her, "It's an old train. At least there isn't snow in the carriage," the New York Daily News reports. So she did what any annoyed traveler would do: She posted a photo of the frozen bathroom, which quickly went viral.

poland train ice toilet

Agnieszka told Polish media: “I took the picture to illustrate what toilets on trains can look like in the winter. Thankfully, the others were in working condition.”

After the photo hit the web, Michal Stilger, a spokesman for the rail company, Przewozy Regionalne, commented: "The condition was caused by an unsealed window. An unsealed window or door in winter conditions at high speed can suck the snow in." AOL Travel UK notes that Stilger added: "We have different trains and carriages of different ages. They are all safe and efficient. If passengers report snow inside the train we remove it."