'Frozen' Villain Responds To Disturbing Fan Theory

It's time to let it go.

Though “Frozen” was universally lauded by all who set eyes and ears upon its resplendent glory, it appeared there was a dark secret lying beneath the surface. Now, it’s time to let it go. 

The dark theory states that Kristoff’s outfit is actually made out of reindeer skin. But it’s not just any hide. Redditors say it could be made from his buddy Sven’s mom.

The messed-up thing is the idea seems plausible. It would explain why Sven is an orphan and why he wants to hang around Kristoff so much. The dude smells like his mom. 

Plus, Kristoff is supposedly inspired by Scandinavian people known as the Sámi, and “Frozen” director Jennifer Lee confirmed the idea for Sven came from Sámi reindeer herders. Reindeer are said to be “central to Sámi culture.” It makes sense.

But it’s gross. The thought of Kristoff wearing Sven’s mom’s skin is giving us some “Silence of the Lambs” vibes. But could it be true? Is Kristoff the Buffalo Bill of feel-good fairy tales? Did Sven’s mom put the lotion in the basket?

Not even one of the most evil guys from the movie, the Duke of Weselton, could get behind this.

While talking with “Rogue One” star Alan Tudyk, who also played the Duke of Weselton in “Frozen,” The Huffington Post asked him about the theory and he shut it down quickly.

“I think someone has too much time on their hands,” said Tudyk of the idea. “It’s a Disney movie. Come on!”

Yeah, he has a point. 

There are some dark elements to Disney movies: Parents die; there are murder plots; and in “Pinocchio,” little boys turn into jackasses. (What the heck even happens to them? They’re just jackasses now. Wow, “Pinocchio” was disturbing.) But wearing another character’s mother’s skin is a bit over the line. 

However, if Kristoff starts eating fava beans and nice Chianti, you’re on your own, Sven.



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