We Tasted The New Fruit Punch Oreos, So You Don't Have To

Why are they doing this to us?

We're not sure why, but the good people at Nabisco decided to make Fruit Punch Oreos. Just like last summer's Watermelon flavored Oreos debacle, they're only available at Walmart, where you can buy them to your heart's content (or not) starting April 28. They're available for a limited time -- "while supplies last" -- and, well, we think they might last a while.

Today we were both terrified and excited when a bag arrived at our office. They carried with them the aroma of Kool-Aid and red Starburst, and thusly we let the package sit on our desk, heckling our cowardly hearts while we put off the thought of actually tasting them. Not sure whether the general public would even be interested in the existence of Fruit Punch Oreos, we posted a photo of the package to our Instagram and Twitter accounts to gauge your reaction. And then you did this:


Not wanting to leave you hanging, we gathered some brave souls from around the newsroom at The Huffington Post to give their candid thoughts on the new cookie. Behold, these editorial warriors who fought through the pain just for you:

  • "The cookie tastes kind of like ... creamsicle-flavored multivitamins." - Braden Goyette

  • "It tastes like an Oreo, except with a distinct Kool-Aid flavor. Never before has the Oreo been so strange... or refreshing." - Adam Goldberg
  • "There's something to these. The fruit punch flavor is a little cloying, but that's the nature of box drink, so I can't really fault it. It has an exceptionally long finish that withstands coffee. This is the kind of snack that gives healthy adults headaches, but I can see kids going apeshit over these." - Andres Jauregui
  • "These cookies actually taste like fruit punch. It's actually kind of disconcerting." - Eva Hill
  • "It's like a Keebler elf ejaculated in my mouth. And not in a good way." - Sebastian Murdock
  • "Not very good. It reminds me of Hawaiian Punch, which I am fond of but in cookie form with frosting it doesn't really work. Also, it is incredibly sweet. Too sweet if you ask me." - Simon McCormack
  • "When I visited the dentist as a kid, I always chose the 'red' flavored toothpaste. This is that, right?" - Kristen Aiken
  • "HORRIBLE. I ended up scraping the frosting out so I could just eat the cookie part without consuming anymore Kool Aid in cream form. On the other hand, they do REALLY deliver on their promise to taste like fruit punch." - Hilary Hanson
  • "Oh man, this combination is ALL wrong. The cookie itself is quite nice, buttery and normal as you would expect. But the filling is the stuff nightmares are made of. A tropical Kool-Aid-esque flavor that no one over the age of five can seriously appreciate. At least one hopes. Also, they taste EXACTLY like those Creme Life Savers." - Gabi Kruschewsky
  • "They smell wildly fruity, almost like a red Starburst but sweeter. The cookie's taste is entirely too medicinal to be enjoyable and the thought of dipping this particular Oreo flavor in a glass of milk is severely gag-inducing. The aftertaste reminds me of that coated/flavored dental floss you'd get as a kid that lingered in your mouth far too long after you did the deed." - Jenna Amatulli
  • This was all we were able to eat:


    We just keep wondering why Oreos don't come out with a Nutella-flavored filling. That might just make us forget about this whole thing.

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