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Fruit And Its Various Varieties (INFOGRAPHIC)

Who knew informative posters could be so cute?

Our friends at Pop Chart Lab have done it again. They've taken a pretty basic food subject, like coffee, compiled a bunch of information on it and turned it into a poster that we actually really want to hang on our wall. We're not sure how they get this done, but we're impressed that they did.

This time the subject of their poster art infographic is fruit and all its varieties. You'll be amazing at how many different kinds there are. While you probably haven't tried even a fraction of them -- like the pigface (yes, this is an actual fruit) -- we think you should at least know they exist. If not for help with finishing crossword puzzle, at least to be able to follow the jokes on Portlandia.

fruit varieties infographic chart
Click on the poster for a zoomed in view.

If you're interested in this 39" x 27" poster for some new kitchen art you can get it at Pop Chart Lab on sale for $36. Or, you can tell us what your favorite fruit is in the comments below for a chance to win a free one (by 6 p.m. on June 5).

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