What You Don't Know About Common Fruits May Surprise You

Need some great dinner-party small talk? Read on.
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Written by Rebecca Stokes on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

Whenever I'm down, I know full-well that eating fruits and veggies will improve my mood almost immediately. This isn't just because of how fruit nourishes your brain, but also because fruit is just plain delicious!

When I'm not eating fruit, I don't give it a lot of thought. This does nature's dessert a major disservice. Because -- excuse me while I geek out over here -- fruit is fascinating! Don't believe me? Read on for five facts about your favorite fruits that will absolutely surprise you. They also double as great dinner-party small talk. Yay, social skills!

Bananas: Not only delicious, filling, and the bane of all carb-avoiding dieters, this "fruit" is hiding something. It's actually an herb! The world's largest, in fact. It is in the same family as lilies. Only people seldom comically slip and fall on lilies. That we know of, anyway.

Apples: Yes, yes, they'll keep the doctor away -- but did you know apples also have enough natural sugar in them to keep you awake? It could be as or more effective as your morning cup of joe. I'd say this changes everything, but my caffeine addiction can't hear you.

Grapefruit: Sure, fruit is excellent for you, but be wary of grapefruit if you're on certain prescription drugs -- otherwise, this gentle citrus could become your deadly nemesis. This is because grapefruit shuts down the enzymes in your tum that control your body's ability to properly absorb what you put in it. This means, that one pill can have the power of three.

Cranberries: This tart and scrumptious berry has a secret -- not only is it good to eat, it's also fun to play with. Thanks to a natural air pocket in each berry, cranberries BOUNCE!

Strawberries: You guys. Prepare to have your world rocked. Strawberries? Arguably the most delicious of all the berries? Is. Not. A. Berry. Technically, it's not even a fruit! It's like we're in the Matrix or something. Strawberries are actually flowering plants and members of the rose family. The fruit we eat is actually just incidental. A berry is characterized by carrying its seeds internally. Whatever, they are still delicious.

Do you know any other surprising fruit facts?

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