'Fruitvale Station' Cast & Crew Reveal Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Details (VIDEO)

Exclusive Clip: The Making Of 'Fruitvale Station'

As the story of late Oakland resident, Oscar Grant III’s fatal death was showcased to a national audience through Ryan Coogler’s drama, “Fruitvale Station,” the 27-year-old’s ability of projecting Grant’s final hours was an intriguing experience, according to the film’s cast and crew.

During an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview executive producer, Forrest Whitaker opened up about Coogler’s unique approach to filming the motion picture.

“There’s many special things that are special about Ryan Coogler. I think he’s someone who’s searching and pushing towards truth, trying to make sure he brings the truth to film to enlighten people with his stories,” Whitaker admitted.

“What Ryan did was, first of all he had his own emotional experience. Because this happened on his land. It affected his community and it affected him. Because it’s a reflection of what could possibly happen to him. He’s written on the part.”

Check out more of the exclusive clip, which also features Michael B. Jordan, and Melonie Diaz, in the clip below.

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