Frustrated 5-Year-Old's Speech About 'Marack Obama' Is Deeply Relatable

Taylor voted for pizza.

For 5-year-old Taylor, it’s bad enough Barack Obama is no longer the U.S. president ― but did Hillary Clinton have to lose the 2016 election, too?

In a three-part Instagram video that’s gone viral since her mom uploaded the clips on Thursday, the 5-year-old had some questions as to how this electoral system would allow Obama to depart from the White House and allow President Trump to enter.

“Why did [Obama] go?” a genuinely frustrated Taylor asks her mom. “Where did he go? So why do we have the president we have now at the same spot he was and why did he leave it anyway?”

When Taylor’s mom starts to explain that presidents can only sit for two terms, Taylor’s already moved on.

“But how come Hillary did not get to be the president and why is she the loser?” she asks.

But the real existentialist kicker in the video came when Taylor asked: “And what are they even supposed to be winning?”

After using pizza to try to further her understanding of America’s voting system, Taylor becomes increasingly frustrated and confused as to why Trump had to occupy the presidency.

Part 2 😂

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Under the belief that Trump is ruling the nation from her native Texas, she becomes annoyed.

“Well, why does he have to live there?” she exclaims throwing her hands up in exasperation. “I want him living somewhere else, I don’t want him living in Texas.”

Taylor still isn’t pleased though when she finds out the White House isn’t actually in Texas.

“Well I don’t want him being our president, anyway...I wanted Hillary and Marack Obama,” the defeated 5-year-old said.

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