Frustrated Dad Shows The Complexity Of Common Core Math With One Check

"I wonder if they'll take it?"

A dad in Ohio has shaken up the Internet with a humorous take on Common Core math.

After becoming frustrated while working with his second-grader on his Common Core homework, Doug Herrmann wrote a check the next day using the method and posted a photo of it on Facebook.

"Wrote a check to Melridge Elementary using common core numbers. I wonder if they'll take it? #YouFigureItOut," he captioned the photo.

Since being posted on Sept. 16, the photo has been liked more than 9,000 times and shared more than 26,000 times. In an interview with Fox 8 News (see above), Herrmann explained he isn't against Common Core, which includes math standards that mandate students show their work very specifically and require a certain step-by-step process.

"I'm not anti-Common Core. It's frustrating for me," he said. "I'm a 41-year-old educated father of two, and I can't help my second-grader and first-grader with their math homework. So it's frustrating."

Herrmann also told Fox 8 News he tore the check up after taking a photo of it and didn't send it to the school, though he said many people suggested he should.

"I don't have to send it in because it obviously struck a nerve with a lot of people," he said.

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