FTC Ranks The Top 9 Consumer Complaints Of 2010

The Federal Trade Commission has released its annual list of the top consumer complaints received in 2010.

At the end of the year, the total of complaints filed totaled 1,339,265. Examining these data, the FTC noted that four percent of all reports filed in 2010 involved imposters obtaining money or personal data from individuals by posing as trusted associates or authority figures. This marks the first time so-called "imposter scams" cracked the list of top complaints. As a result, the FTC has published guidelines to help consumers spot imposters and avoid scams.

Other categories on the FTC's list-- including debt collection and lottery scams--were more typical of years past. We won't give away the grievance consumers cited most often (see it below), but we will say that it accounts for a whopping 19 percent of the year's total complaints.

View the FTC's top 9 consumer complaints for 2010, and check out the full list here. Then, check out our slideshow of the most scammed states in America.

Top Consumer Complaints FTC 2010