Guess Why This F**king Coffee House Is Being Forced To Change Its Name

"I can call my shop anything I want."

It's a tempest in a coffee pot in South London where a coffee house with a cheeky name is being forced to change it .

The brouhaha started Oct. 20 when the building owners sent a letter to business owner Adrian Jones demanding that he change the name. If he didn't, the sign would be torn down anyway, according to HuffPost UK.

"We are instructed that you have either erected or allowed your sub-tenant to erect an offensive sign on the exterior of the building […] without the permission or authority of our client and this constitutes a trespass," the letter read, adding that Jones had until Oct. 27 to change the sign.

Jones' first response to the edict was to post the letter on Twitter, adding "No humour please. We're British."

The tweet got the attention of Fuckoffee's loyal followers, who then stirred the coffee pot even more by creating a petition that reads, in part: 

"There is a small, indie coffee shop in Bermondsey called Fuckoffee. They have had a few anally retentive and gormless people complain about their name and now they have their money grabbing corporate landlord demand they take the sign down as it is deemed to be "offensive".

"We, the undersigned, confirm we have a sense of humour and find the continued attack on our beloved Fuckoffee an insult to freedom of expression, freedom of speech and humour."

The coffee shop's name might be offensive, but local officials admit the name is perfectly legal.

Ward councillor Damian O'Brien told the Evening Standard that some nearby residents had complained to authorities.

“Thy police don’t feel that there’s enough evidence to proceed,” he said. “If the word had started with a C, that would have been an entirely different case altogether."

Jones, 47, ultimately decided not to let the controversy percolate any longer. He said the business will open up under a new name on Friday.

"I’ve spoken to my solicitor and he says we haven’t got a leg to stand on,” he said, according to HuffPost UK, adding “I was doing coffee before Starbucks, so I can call my shop anything I want."

The company told HuffPost via Twitter that the new name has not been chosen, and they may simply put the old sign inside the store. A few minutes later, the business changed its URL to

A version of this story appeared in HuffPost UK.

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