After going through the -- "Are you kidding me?", "Tell me this is not happening" and "That's it, I'm done", I have decided what I will do for the next four years. I REFUSE to accept a racist, misogynist, sexist, xenophobic, ignorant fucker as my President. If you tell me I am being un-American, let me remind you that racism, misogyny, sexism, discrimination and xenophobia are as un-American as they get. As an educator and a parent striving every minute to imbibe the values of morality upon young impressionable minds, I refuse to cower down in the face immorality and depravity. Trump is an outrage, an embarrassment and pure evil. So here's what I have to say to this disgraceful clown: You may have been lucky this time but history will punish you amply. So go fuck yourself some more, shithead.