Man Dressed As Waldo From ‘Where’s Waldo’ Taunts Police Searching For Him

"Dude ... I'm right here."

A man wanted by police after he failed to show up for court decided to turn their pursuit into a game ― by dressing up as Waldo from “Where’s Waldo.”

Police in North Yorkshire, U.K., spent the weekend looking for 30-year-old J.J. McMenamin, after he missed a court date for alleged traffic violations.

They were unable to find him despite the use of sniffer dogs and a police helicopter, according to the BBC.

McMenamin decided to poke fun at the officer’s expense by dressing up as Waldo, the main character in the “Where’s Waldo” series of children’s books. The books challenge readers to find Waldo in pictures of huge crowds. 

In one Facebook post, McMenamin taunted police by superimposing his own face over the character’s face with the words, “Dude ... I’m right here.”

In another post, he wrote:

“Buddy if they really new how close they are too me, not a scooby do where I am. Even got sniffer dogs out and I’m still sat giggling” [sic].

McMenamin wrote in another post that has since been removed that he had watched one officer “pull out a wedgie” after trying to climb a garden fence.

“I nearly felt sorry for him and was gunna go back give him a hand over but he had a taser - f―k that [sic],” he added, according to the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, McMenamin continued to post taunting pics of himself dressed as Waldo as well as graphics declaring himself the “Hide and Seek Champion 2016-17.”

McMenamin also posted videos including one with the Lionel Richie song, “Hello,” where he laughed at the line, “Is it me you’re looking for?” according to Sky News.

Eventually, McMenamin decided to stop kidding around and turned himself into police, but not before posting a Facebook Live video showing himself being driven to the police station dressed as Waldo.

McMenamin reportedly posted a second video outside the Harrogate Police Station showing him wait for police to find him. It has since been deleted, according to

A spokeswoman for the North Yorkshire Police would not say if McMenamin was in custody but did tell the BBC that “a 30-year-old man from Middleham has been arrested after he handed himself in to officers at Harrogate police station,” adding that the arrest came “after extensive police searches for the man over the weekend.”



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