Now You Can Print Your Instagram Photos In Just 10 Seconds

We want one of these super-fast photo printers RIGHT NOW.

Fujifilm has a new portable instant film printer and it looks awesome.

The Instax Share SP-2 is the company's followup to the SP-1, which it released in 2014. The new version, according to Fujifilm, is faster, produces better quality images and allows for more customization.

Like its predecessor, the SP-2 uses the credit-card sized Instax Mini instant film. You can still print photos from your camera roll, or from your Instagram or Facebook account, and even have the engagement (likes, reactions, hearts) shown on the image.

The best part: The SP-2 prints in just 10 seconds. It usually take us longer to figure out an Instagram caption.

The new printer's app lets you use custom filters and fiddle with the photo's brightness, contrast and saturation. You can also make collages (a la Instagram's Layout app).

The Instax Share SP-2 will be available in July for $199. You can snag it in either silver or gold. 

Here's a brief list of what you could do with this device:

1. Keep a pic of your pet in your wallet for whenever you feel sad.

 2. Print all of your fire selfies and give them to your crushes.

3. You can finally give your mom all those photos she's asked you to email her because she's not on "the Facebook." 



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